The Traits of a Good Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker usually discusses different things, and the topic depends on the request of the one holding the event. If you are a business owner who plans to hire a speaker for your event, then you need to determine which area of your business you want to improve. A keynoter can help you bring positive influence on your workers or employees, and improve the things that you want them to improve.

You need to provide the keynoter the information that he needs, like the kind of audience that he will address, the environment of where he will make his speech, possible ideas that you want him to include in the speech, and other things regarding the employees and their work. He might need to know a bit more about your business.

To know if you are hiring a good keynote speaker, you might want to take a look at some of the traits of a good keynoter and see if your chosen speaker fits the description.

The Traits

A good keynoter should have a clear understanding on what you want to achieve in the event and deliver what you want. Someone who tries to sell himself through his speech before the audience is not the ideal keynoter to hire. He should value the things that you want him to say and make suggestions to make it better – no personal agenda.

Keynote speakerA good keynoter always knows the level that he needs to go to connect with his audience. He should be able to hit the spot where he can easily establish rapport, integrity, and focus. If he failed to find that spot, then his audience will end up getting bored and uninterested. A good keynoter must be able to communicate well with the organizer so he will know the kind of audience that he needs to deal with.

The keynote speaker should know when and where to use humor in his speech. A misplaced humor can be fatal. A properly presented anecdote can add value to his message.

He should put value in pacing when he talks. Regardless of the length of speech, a frenzied pace might make the audience feel tired while a slow pace might lull them to sleep. Variety in pacing can be a good technique when delivering a keynote speech; however, the speaker should not change his pace abruptly. He should have good judgment on when to change his pace to keep the interests of his audience.

The speaker must be able to create a personalized and timely speech. He should be able to connect the theme of his speech with the current situations that people need to deal with every day. He should avoid mentioning incidents from the past that are already considered unimportant in today’s world. He can personalize a segment in his speech to show his passion for the discussion.

If he needs to use some props, he should keep them minimal. His audience might end up looking at the props instead of listening to him if he uses too many.

Keynoters would usually have videos of their past speeches. You can watch the videos and see if your target speaker has the traits of being a good keynoter for your event.

Keep your options open and try other speakers as well. Watch the videos of the potential speakers that you have in your list and see which one can serve your purpose best. You need to make sure that you will get only the most suitable keynoter for your event.

Hire the most ideal keynote speaker and you will reap your rewards later.