Extraordinary Custom Challenge Coins that should Last Longer than a Lifetime

Businessmen, clubs, organizations, and cause-oriented groups usually regard custom challenge coins as tools to promote something, boost morale, or raise a particular issue. The army or military has a more noble reason for carrying a challenge coin – make their bond stronger. But, regardless of the real reason for having the coins around, it is good to know that the coins would last longer than a lifetime. Can you picture the things that the younger generation would think upon hearing the amazing stories that the coin has witnessed?

Unfortunately, not all coins will be able to bare witness to all the great tales that each generation unfolds. If you need some custom coins for whatever purpose you need them to serve, then choose the best metal that your coin manufacturer has to offer to make sure that that your custom coins will last.

You can add other options to your coin if you think that it would make your coin better or more durable.

Make it Gorgeous

If your coin is durable but aesthetically unappealing, then don’t expect it to remain in the possession of the recipient forever. The coins won’t be able to serve its purpose well if the owner will only discard it in the end because she feels like it’s not worth having around anymore. The durability of the coin would be useless if the owner throws it away in the end.

custom challenge coinsYour custom challenge coins should have attractive design that would drive the recipients to keep their coins for good. If you are a good businessman, then there is a huge possibility that your business would last for so many years. If there are people who still keep the first edition of your custom coins, then the coins can become your proof that you have an excellent business.

Make your coins attractive to get attention, make people boast about having one of them, make the recipients keep them, and tickle the curiosity of onlookers to check out your company. It is important that the design of your coin has something to do with the things that people will expect to see and experience when they visit your company. Don’t mislead your target clients by creating a coin design that could really grab attention, but does not have anything to do with your business.

The Typical Process of Minting the Coin

A good coin maker quickly understands the things that you want for your custom challenge coins even though you can’t clearly describe what they are. Most coin manufacturers help their client get the right design (and color) by presenting the client with the design that their designer has conceptualized based on the description of the client or according to the purpose of the client.

You can submit a rough sketch of your coin design and the artist of the coin manufacturer will improve that sketch and turn it into a real work of art. You can submit your ideas or design via email. Make sure to submit the acceptable file format (ask your coin maker about this).

You also need to choose the coin shape that you want. There are manufacturers that charge extra for irregular coin shapes.
You will decide for the metal style that you want for your coin as well as other options, such as sequential numbering (to make each coin unique).

The coin manufacturer will send you a quote for your chosen coin and the finished artwork. There are coin makers that allow unlimited revision. The minting of coins begins when you approved the design and agree to the price. Your finished coins will be delivered to you after 14 days (more or less).

There are good coin makers and there are coin makers that don’t produce quality outputs. It is important to choose a custom challenge coins manufacturer that could deliver the things they promised to give.

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