How You Can Receive Your Orders Faster

It’s normal for people to want to receive their orders fast. After all, everyone’s used to purchasing things exactlywhen their needed. The problem is, not all products can be delivered in just a day, especially those purchased online. This applies with purchasing custom lanyards. It could take two weeks or more for your orders to arrive. This is the reason why you will have to place your orders weeks before you will need them.

Rush Orders

If you have ordered custom lanyards a few days before you intend to use them, then you are in trouble. Still, there are some things you can do if you placed your orders without knowing how long you will have to wait for them to be delivered. One of the most common solution is to pay additional costs for rush orders. Your orders will be prioritized and manufactured first. You will not have to wait for 14 days anymore. However, the duration of time when they will be finished is still based on the volume of your orders. The more lanyards you purchase, the longer it would take. Rest assured, you will receive your orders faster than the regular orders. The cost of rush orders could also be higher for bulk purchases. The payment for rush orders and their costs vary depending on the sellers.

Avoid Revisions

Free custom designing is one of the best features offered by many online stores. They will create custom designs for your orders in accordance with your theme. There is one problem though. Not every design they will make can surely go well with your taste. The designs they will need your approval. If you do not accept a certain design, they will revise it or create another one. This will go on until they are able to come up with something that you will approve. The more you disapprove their designs, the longer it would take before your custom lanyardscan be manufactured. This process exists to ensure that your orders are designed just the way you want them to look.

Create Your Own Design

Custom lanyardsThere are some sellers that are not able to produce a design for your approval in less than three days. You can totally cut this duration off if you submit your own design by the time you place your orders. Instead of undergoing that process first, the manufacturer will start producing your custom lanyards right away. This is a wise method of saving time. Keep in mind that freebies are not always good for you. In this case, it can cause your orders to be delayed.

Nearest Manufacturer

The farther the manufacturer is, the longer the delivery time will be. If you can find a manufacturer or seller near your area, it would be wise to opt for them. Instead of three or more days, your orders could be delivered in just one day. The shipping fee could also be cheaper. If you are lucky, you might even find a seller that will grant a free shipping fee for buyers that are located near them. However, you have to be sure first whether the seller can produce high quality lanyards or not.

There are many people who do not know about the duration of time it would take before they can receive their orders. Countless first time buyers place their orders a few days before they will use them. If you have already placed your orders very late, you can make use of these resorts. There is no other way for your custom lanyards to arrive at your doorsteps earlier. Each of these ways can make your orders arrive fast. You can apply them all if you want.

Extraordinary Custom Challenge Coins that should Last Longer than a Lifetime

Businessmen, clubs, organizations, and cause-oriented groups usually regard custom challenge coins as tools to promote something, boost morale, or raise a particular issue. The army or military has a more noble reason for carrying a challenge coin – make their bond stronger. But, regardless of the real reason for having the coins around, it is good to know that the coins would last longer than a lifetime. Can you picture the things that the younger generation would think upon hearing the amazing stories that the coin has witnessed?

Unfortunately, not all coins will be able to bare witness to all the great tales that each generation unfolds. If you need some custom coins for whatever purpose you need them to serve, then choose the best metal that your coin manufacturer has to offer to make sure that that your custom coins will last.

You can add other options to your coin if you think that it would make your coin better or more durable.

Make it Gorgeous

If your coin is durable but aesthetically unappealing, then don’t expect it to remain in the possession of the recipient forever. The coins won’t be able to serve its purpose well if the owner will only discard it in the end because she feels like it’s not worth having around anymore. The durability of the coin would be useless if the owner throws it away in the end.

custom challenge coinsYour custom challenge coins should have attractive design that would drive the recipients to keep their coins for good. If you are a good businessman, then there is a huge possibility that your business would last for so many years. If there are people who still keep the first edition of your custom coins, then the coins can become your proof that you have an excellent business.

Make your coins attractive to get attention, make people boast about having one of them, make the recipients keep them, and tickle the curiosity of onlookers to check out your company. It is important that the design of your coin has something to do with the things that people will expect to see and experience when they visit your company. Don’t mislead your target clients by creating a coin design that could really grab attention, but does not have anything to do with your business.

The Typical Process of Minting the Coin

A good coin maker quickly understands the things that you want for your custom challenge coins even though you can’t clearly describe what they are. Most coin manufacturers help their client get the right design (and color) by presenting the client with the design that their designer has conceptualized based on the description of the client or according to the purpose of the client.

You can submit a rough sketch of your coin design and the artist of the coin manufacturer will improve that sketch and turn it into a real work of art. You can submit your ideas or design via email. Make sure to submit the acceptable file format (ask your coin maker about this).

You also need to choose the coin shape that you want. There are manufacturers that charge extra for irregular coin shapes.
You will decide for the metal style that you want for your coin as well as other options, such as sequential numbering (to make each coin unique).

The coin manufacturer will send you a quote for your chosen coin and the finished artwork. There are coin makers that allow unlimited revision. The minting of coins begins when you approved the design and agree to the price. Your finished coins will be delivered to you after 14 days (more or less).

There are good coin makers and there are coin makers that don’t produce quality outputs. It is important to choose a custom challenge coins manufacturer that could deliver the things they promised to give.

6 Valuable Tips for First-time Buyers of Real Estate

We are here to help first-time buyers find their first, and hopefully, their last real estate investment that they can call their own for the rest of their life. We can give you connections, but it pays to educate yourself about the basics in this industry.

1. Negotiate for a more favorable price even when a realtor says that the price is fixed.

That used to be the case of the hitherto Spelling mansion by top producer Aaron Spelling. His wife Candy Spelling listed the manor for $150 million but remained on the market for quite some time. It was not until the realtor arranged a negotiation just to have the manor sold, which eventually happened for $85,000,000, almost half of the original price.

real estateThe manor, which is known to be the largest house in Los Angeles County, was bought by Formula One heiress Petra Stunt (nee Ecclestone). It’s been put back on the market in 2014 with an asking price of $150 million.

Real estate rarely has a fixed price. It’s almost always open for negotiation, so you shouldn’t settle for the asking price right off the bat. In fact, many realtors know that many of their clients ask for impossible prices, sometimes double than the realistic values.

Also, keep this in mind – precious memories are not shared between a seller and a buyer. Push your way through to make the seller realize that you are only willing to pay for the property’s physical worth.

2. Base your construction plan on the lot, not on your dream.

We’re sure a lot of people will say nay to this, but let us be realistic. It will require a long wait before you can start building your dream home if you want to stick with it as you look for a lot. This is not an issue though if your dream house is not as ambitious as those of Rebecca Riskin’s clients.

Riskin is one of the most in-demand realtors in Montecito. In her years in the real estate industry, she has seen a lot of clients postpone the construction of their dream house because the lot they find in the market just won’t match their requirements.

It is perhaps safest to say that a compromise should always be considered. Stick with your plan if you can afford to wait and risk seeing properties rise in prices. Or, change your plan if you feel that the size or shape is the only problem, but the location of the lot is a dream for most buyers.

3. Subscribe to an online real estate finder.

A decided buyer should not miss one important update or notification. The best way to do that is by subscribing to an online property finder. It blasts up-to-date information that can help you find the best property and decide whether to buy already or not. Aside from the notifications, an online property finder usually has more listed properties and has partnerships with reliable realtors in your location.

Let us be honest, people nowadays look at their computers, smartphones and tablets when scouting for a property. If builders and brokers tap into that market, why not be there at a time they knock on the door?

4. Use your network to look for credible referrals.

This is the reason why you cannot afford to live under a rock. You need connections and become a part of any network with common interests.

High-end clients usually get referrals from their colleagues in the business and friends in country clubs. They talk about buying properties over dinners and not through chatrooms or Skype. At the end of the day, every real estate buyer will be conducting a formal scouting, so you might as well do it early.

Ask friends who’ve had experience in buying properties in the past. Ask around your neighborhood if they can recommend someone. Always prioritize a person with firsthand experience with a realtor or firm before jumping into ads.

5. Attend open houses.

Many potential buyers fail to find a property of their liking because they do not get the point of holding an open house. This is not held for the buyers to see a house and see the details up close and personal. In fact, this is an opportunity to “feel” the house and validate the buyer’s gut feel about it.

Visualize yourself while in the house. Do you see you and your family spending time there and having fun? Do you see yourself feeling proud about your investment while talking to your neighbors or officemates? Do you feel comfortable signing the papers and saying goodbye to your hard-earned money? If you can say yes to all of those questions, then you have finally found the property where you belong to.

6. Look for something sustainable.

When Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was still airing, it faced a lot of criticisms especially during the time of recession. Why? The designers just had a taste for fancy and flashy designs, layouts, and materials that were all sophisticated but not sustainable. There have been reports that some featured families had to sell their house because they could no longer afford to pay the utility bills.

You don’t have to be featured in a TV show to know the difference between a flashy house and a sustainable house. Not everything visually appealing is practical. You have to consider your capacity to provide for the utilities, and your children who might be in danger with non-child-friendly materials and designs.

How a Content Writer Improves Articles for Better Readability

Writing is not an easy task, contrary to what others believe. It requires thorough research and proper selection of words to get the right message across. For a content writer, it is even stricter since there are guidelines that must be followed for every article. These are the guidelines necessary for the articles to become readable.

While writing might be a bit difficult, it is a good thing that there are now tips people can take note of when they are pursuing a career in this field. Below are the tips that help people write better.

Content writerFirst, know that you have to identify what the goal of your content should be even before you start writing. The only way for you to write good content is when you already know what you want to say. You have to decide beforehand what it is that you want to accomplish with what you are writing so that you can write your article according to that goal.

In every article, there needs to be a hook. The content writer will have to decide a hook that can catch the readers in your net. There are many types of hook you can add to your article. You can choose to use an attack hook, news hook, ego hook, or humor hook. By keeping your chosen hook in mind, you can organize the article you plan to write in your head much easier.

Be sure to think like the reader. Before you start writing your article, it is imperative that you get yourself in the mindset of the target audience since you are writing this content for them. It would help you easily get your message across if you explain it from the audience’s point of view. You can pick out what terms or information to include with ease if you do that.

Some people may be writing their content while connected to the Internet. However, the websites you find might become your distractions. Thus, it is imperative that you get rid of distractions, especially when you are in the middle of writing. Sites that cause distractions for you are Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Stay away from these sites for the meantime.

The content writer must only write what is relevant. When you are researching your topic, you might come across with a large volume of data. You need to pick out only those information that are relevant to what you are trying to say. The information you include should support what goals you have with the said article.

Avoid mixing the writing and editing stage. These are two separate stages when it comes to web writing. You must never write and edit at the same time because that will just confuse you. More than that, you might forget what you want to say. A content writer should only edit the article when he has already finished writing it.

Always use short sentences. Article writers will find it easier to get their message across when they do it in short sentences. Short sentences also prevent people from getting confused as to what you are trying to say. The whole article will become a simple and easy to read content if you use short sentences too.

Make the whole content scannable. As a content writer focused on web writing, know that not all people will read the web content word for word. In fact, almost all of them will just scan for important bits of information. That is why it is highly recommended that the content you write should be scannable to accommodate to your readers. They will find your content easier to read when you keep this in mind.